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Note: The Colony screenshot is on page 2.

Title: Various screenshots

Author: Liam Quin

Total items: 19

Some sample images

[picture: leafkilled-500x401.gif]


My favourite IRC client for Microsoft Windows is leafchat; it shows this helpful message when you get /KILLed. [$]

[picture: ankhscreen-2003-12-13-500x375.jpg]


This screenshot from 2003 shows a gnome-terminal used for an IRC client, a Web browser (I think Galeon) showing a prototype for my image search engine searching for abbeys in “grid mode,” with the XML Query source below, and a gdesklet in the corner (I stopped using it later because it used too much CPU). [more...] [$]

[picture: ankhbx1-461x500.gif]


1999: This shows m script for the BitchX IRC client; if you haven’t seen the default BitchX look, it might not be obvious what’s special. [more...] [$]

[picture: hline-500x220.gif]


The /hline command in my BX script makes a horizontal line with an optional message after it. Use it to annotate a log or the scrollback buffer. [more...] [$]

[picture: 1999-olvwm-1-500x400.gif]


In 1999 I was using Sun’s Solaris 2 on a SPARC Ultra system. [$]

Note: The Colony screenshot is on page 2.

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