Liam's BitchX Command Reference

I made this because I was thinking of writing a book about IRC, and I wanted to get a feel for how hard it would be. I also felt that the BitchX documentation could be made more accessible, particularly for new users.

There are some notes on installing BitchX here but they are very incomplete.

Information about the variables you can set, and about formats, is also in progress. There is a keybinding reference here, and also some documentation on the scripting functions.

ankh.bx screenshot

You can get Ankh's BitchX script by http. You want it. If you don't like it, quit BitchX without using /save! Several themes are included with the script. Here is a screenshot; and here is an older one. If you want a current one, ask Ankh on

There are some BitchX scripts here.

If you are looking for a GUI-based client, you might prefer xchat instead.

single-character aliases
two-character commands
bitchx configuration, running, etc
keyboard commands (bindings)
channel operator commands
twilight zone
friends and enemies
nicks and clients
irc operator
relaying and repeating
optional CD control
file transfer and DCC
screen and windows
talking: messages, ctcp, notices
external files and commands
OS/2 Functions
Internal functions (large file!)
installing the IRC client