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March 2003: Miscellaneous Pictures (page 2/7)

[picture: Diner Juke Box]

Diner Juke Box

A chromium-plated juke box in a Toronto diner

[picture: Diner Juke Box 2]

Diner Juke Box 2

A closer view.

[picture: Grass peeking through snow]

Grass peeking through snow

A lawn that’s been snowed on, in Toronto.

[picture: Grass peeking through snow 2]
[picture: Grass peeking through snow 3]

Grass peeking through snow 3

Little blades of grass sticking up through a thin layer of snow.

[picture: Vose & Sons, Boston]

Vose & Sons, Boston

looking down through the strings of my piano.

[picture: Piano strings]

Piano strings

Macro shot (close-up) of piano strings.

[picture: Piano strings 2]

Piano strings 2

Another close-up, this one close enough to become almost abstract. Strings in a baby grand piano.

[picture: Piano wire pins]

Piano wire pins

These pins are at the end of the piano furthest from the keys.

[picture: Piano wire pins 2]

Piano wire pins 2

I should have dusted them first.

[picture: Piano keys from above]

Piano keys from above

The left-most white key is called “E” and is immediately next to “F.” The rightmost black key is F sharp, and from the white key to its left (F) to the left-most F is a single octave, eight black notes, and thirteen notes in all, since in the well-tempered scale [...] [more...]

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