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March 2003: Miscellaneous Pictures (page 4/7)

[picture: Liam]


After I stopped moving. The shirt is from a Gnome conference in Ireland.

[picture: Liam 2]

Liam 2

This is the shot I actually wanted, and I used it for my DeviantArt identity shot. [more...]

[picture: Open Window Bakery, Toronto]

Open Window Bakery, Toronto

Sun Microsystems used to sell desktop computers with a graphical environment called OpenWindows, and I used to keep the Usenet FAQ for part of it. [more...]

[picture: Open Window Bakery, Toronto: 2]

Open Window Bakery, Toronto: 2

Another shot, with a van in the way

[picture: Open Window Bakery, Toronto: 3]

Open Window Bakery, Toronto: 3

Slightly better focus but a car is in the way.

[picture: Colourful burger]

Colourful burger

I don’t often eat red meat, and still less often do I eat burgers, but when I do I want them to be gourmet burgers, and this Gourmet Burger restaurant [...] [more...]

[picture: Colourful burger 2]

Colourful burger 2

A closer view of the vegetables. All the main colour groups are represented, so it’s obviously healthy.

[picture: Man walking barefoot]

Man walking barefoot

Well, just his feet, reflected in a dirty mirror.

[picture: Close-up of a bare heel]

Close-up of a bare heel

A bare foot’s naked heel.

[picture: Kinder Egg Toys]

Kinder Egg Toys

If you live in the USA you can’t easily buy these, but here in Canada they are very popular. These are the toys; each chocolate egg contains one plastic egg which in turn contains one toy. [more...]

[picture: Kinder Egg Toys 2]

Kinder Egg Toys 2

A closer view.

[picture: Kinder Egg Toys 3]

Kinder Egg Toys 3

Actually I took this to send to someone. A closer view, with different lighting.

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