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March 2003: Miscellaneous Pictures (page 5/7)

[picture: Comfy chair]

Comfy chair

This green velvet/cordouroy chair (Clyde says it’s loden and not green) folds out into a single bed. I bought it at Ikea (of course).

[picture: An Oncoming Train]

An Oncoming Train

St. George subway station (I think, from the colours) in Toronto, with a train approaching the platform.

[picture: Ankle-deep in water]

Ankle-deep in water

A bare foot and leg, partly submerged in water. A useful stock image (?)

[picture: Ankle-deep in water: 2]
[picture: A wet bare foot]

A wet bare foot

I’ve no clue what it’s resting in or on here, though.

[picture: Bare foot underwater]

Bare foot underwater

A foot in the bath. And an ankle.

[picture: Bare foot underwater 2]
[picture: Bare foot underwater 3]

Bare foot underwater 3

A slightly surreal effect: the foot is against the side of the pool or bathtub or whatever it was.

[picture: Liam looking distracted]

Liam looking distracted

and without a neck.

[picture: Wet ankle]

Wet ankle

A bare ankle and foot, wet from a bath. No, I don’t remember why.

[picture: Ankle close-up]

Ankle close-up

A macro shot of an ankle.

[picture: Faucets and cracked tiles]

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