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March 2003: Miscellaneous Pictures (page 7/7)

[picture: Pericles the Cat]

Pericles the Cat

Pericles was (is) a cat that our neighbour, Susan Gapka, adopted from an animal shelter.

[picture: Dustbin]


A trash can, or garbage can, and a recycling box, in our back yard from when we lived in Toronto.

[picture: Dustbin 2]

Dustbin 2

Another view

[picture: Church Street at Maitland]

Church Street at Maitland

The heart of the Gay Village

[picture: Maitland Street: Church Wellesley Village]

Maitland Street: Church Wellesley Village

I love that the city has put the Queer rainbow on the street sign.

[picture: Tall buildings seen from Yonge St.]

Tall buildings seen from Yonge St.

Some tall buildings in Toronto.

[picture: Tall buildings seen from Yonge St. 2]

Tall buildings seen from Yonge St. 2

Some tall buildings in Toronto, along with a red and white TTC (public transport) bus.

[picture: morte]


A single word, taken from an eighteenth century printed book, in extreme close-up.

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