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Bottles and Model Trains (page 10/12)

[picture: Public Telephone]

Public Telephone

A public pay-phone in Toronto.

[picture: Public telephone 2]

Public telephone 2

the smae phone again.

[picture: Public telephone 3]

Public telephone 3

In focus this time. I should make it easier for me to delete pictures than to write captions.

[picture: Stairs down]

Stairs down

Steps leading down to a Toronto subway (TTC) station.

[picture: Stairs down 2]

Stairs down 2

Someone is about to walk up!

[picture: Escalator]


A moving staircase.

[picture: Eglinton West subway station: view]

Eglinton West subway station: view

The view from where you wait for the bus, looking out over Allan Road (or is it drive?) and the railway lines.

[picture: Eglinton West subway station, Toronto, 2]

Eglinton West subway station, Toronto, 2

The view from Eglinton West TTC station again.

[picture: Cactus]


A cactus.

[picture: Cactus 2]

Cactus 2

A close-up of a cactus.

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