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Bottles and Model Trains (page 11/12)

[picture: Cactus 3]

Cactus 3

Another close-up of this prickly spiny cactus plant.

[picture: Cactus 4]

Cactus 4

Yet another close-up of this prickly spiny cactus plant; this one is made ore interesting by having some contrast.

[picture: Another Cactus]

Another Cactus

This one died shortly afterwards.

[picture: Invisible Pianist]

Invisible Pianist

The grand piano is ready to play but there is no pianist.

[picture: B6700 mainframe console]

B6700 mainframe console

Close-up of the console of an old Burroughs mainframe computer.

[picture: B6700 mainframe console 2]

B6700 mainframe console 2

Another shot of the Burroughs B6700 console.

[picture: B6700 mainframe console 3]

B6700 mainframe console 3

Lots of switches and lights on this panel.

[picture: B6700 mainframe console 4]
[picture: Orac]


A “Eurocard” circuit board rack in a perspex frame. I named it Orac after the computer in Blakes’ Seven, although this one in fact doesn’t do anything right now. [more...]

[picture: Chip Socket]

Chip Socket

A close-up of a socket for an integrated circuit, together with a transistor in the background and lots of yellow wire.

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