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Bottles and Model Trains (page 12/12)

[picture: Breadboards (circuit boards)]

Breadboards (circuit boards)

Circuit boards designed for prototyping.

[picture: HiFi Speakers]

HiFi Speakers

One of my Wharfedale E70 speakers. At least they look cool.

[picture: HiFi speakers 2]

HiFi speakers 2

They’re stereo.

[picture: HiFi speakers 3]

HiFi speakers 3

Wharfedale E70s, showing the tweeter and the two midrange units.

[picture: HiFi speakers 4]

HiFi speakers 4

Close-up of the tweeter.

[picture: HiFi speakers 5]

HiFi speakers 5

Closeup shot of the tweeter again.

[picture: Old Leather Books: spines]

Old Leather Books: spines

The backs of some antiquarian books, Chambaud’s Dictionary, showing the gilt (gold) lettering on the leather spines.

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