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Bottles and Model Trains (page 6/12)

[picture: Old bottles in daylight]

Old bottles in daylight

A more spectacular close-up of old glass bottles.

[picture: Old bottles in daylight 2]

Old bottles in daylight 2

The sunlight through the antique glass of the bottles.

[picture: Old bottles in daylight 3]

Old bottles in daylight 3

The sunlight through the antique glass of the bottles. This time the focus is on the rear bottle, the blue glass one.

[picture: Dandelion]


A macro (close-up) shot of a dandelion flower, bright yellow against the green glass.

[picture: Dandelion 2]

Dandelion 2

Dandelion from further back.

[picture: Dandelion 3]

Dandelion 3

Three dandelions in the third picture.

[picture: Dandelion Grass]

Dandelion Grass

Much to the consternation of our next-door neighbour, I let the dandelions grow in the lawn.

[picture: Dandelion Grass 2]

Dandelion Grass 2

Dandelions in the lawn.

[picture: Blue glass in Sunlight]

Blue glass in Sunlight

More old bottles with the light shining through them.

(title amended, should be Sunlight, not sinlight!)

[picture: Cash Boots' Chemists]

Cash Boots’ Chemists

An old glass bottle from Boots the Chemist, a chain of shops that is still very much in business today. The neck of the bottle was sharp to bite into a cork, so it’s probably before 1900 or so. [more...]

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