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Bottles and Model Trains (page 8/12)

[picture: Cat food]

Cat food

Food for two cats.

[picture: John Leland's Itinerary]

John Leland’s Itinerary

The spines of a set of old leather books.

[picture: John Leland's Itinerary 2]

John Leland’s Itinerary 2

John leland’s itinerary, published by Thomas Hearne, shown here in dimmer lighting conditions.

[picture: Pinkish Brown Blur]

Pinkish Brown Blur

I’m not sure what I was trying to photograph here.

[picture: Major Street, Toronto]

Major Street, Toronto

Major Street looking North from College, in Toronto.

[picture: Major Street, Toronto, 2]

Major Street, Toronto, 2

Maybe I liked the hedge.

[picture: Upside-down convolvulus flower]

Upside-down convolvulus flower

A pink flower dangling down.

[picture: Broken pavement]

Broken pavement

Texture: a chipped stone pavement (US: sidewalk)

[picture: Broken pavement 2]

Broken pavement 2

Texture: another piece of chipped stone pavement (sidewalk).

[picture: grating in the street]

grating in the street

A grille leading down to a basement window.

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