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Bottles and Model Trains (page 9/12)

[picture: Convolvulus 2]

Convolvulus 2

Another purple flower.

[picture: Creeper on brick wall]

Creeper on brick wall

A virginia creeper (I think, or a vine) covering an old brick wall in Toronto.

[picture: Creeper on brick wall 2]

Creeper on brick wall 2

Another part of the creeper, with green leaves.

[picture: Creeper on brick wall 3]

Creeper on brick wall 3

More wall and less creeper.

[picture: Stone wall]

Stone wall

A stone wall in Toronto.

[picture: Window in stone wall]

Window in stone wall

A window inset into a stone wall. This might be knox college, Toronto, but I am not sure.

[picture: Sports field]

Sports field

A chicken-wire fence keeps me out of a sports field. Actually I don’t often go into sports fields by choice.

[picture: Chipped plaster]

Chipped plaster

The plaster (or paint perhaps) has flaked off the rounded corner of this wall.

[picture: chain-link fence outside school]

chain-link fence outside school

close-up of the chain-link fence with the school playing field behind it.

[picture: chain-link fence outside school 2]

chain-link fence outside school 2

Fence and school both in focus.

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