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San José, California, America (page 2/3)

[picture: Shaded Arch]

Shaded Arch

An arch in one corner of a building in downtown San Jose

[picture: Shaded Arch 2]

Shaded Arch 2

The same arch, with some greenery.

[picture: tree trunk 1]

tree trunk 1

A redwood I think

[picture: tree trunk 2]

tree trunk 2

public domain stock photo

[picture: tree trunk 3]

tree trunk 3

public domain stock photo

[picture: tree trunk 4]

tree trunk 4

public domain stock photo

[picture: tree trunk 5]

tree trunk 5

public domain stock photo

[picture: steps 1]

steps 1

Purple Flowers, Green Trees

[picture: Steps 2]

Steps 2

I liked the colours.

[picture: Steps 3]

Steps 3

This one shows the nearby buildings, and also has more of the steps to tie the picture together.

[picture: View from the office window]

View from the office window

OK, so it’s not the most exciting view.

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