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Back In Toronto, May 2006 (tornonto2) (page 3/5)

[picture: School bus loading zone]

School bus loading zone

Another street sign.

[picture: Private Parking]

Private Parking

1 Parallel as permitted by license P-390 boulevard parking City of York by-law 1812-89, with a No Parking Under Any Circumstances In Either Direction sign above it, contradicting it. The white building in [...] [more...]

[picture: No Trucks]

No Trucks

No Lorries. No Trucks. A street sign in Toronto.

[picture: No Trucks 2]

No Trucks 2

Closeup of sign.

[picture: Pedestrian Crossing]

Pedestrian Crossing

A pedestrian crossing light, or signal, with the Caucasian illuminated (OK to cross) rather than the Native (wait patiently). The traffic signal is on Eglinton West and GLenholme in Toronto, and you can see a red and [...] [more...]

[picture: TTC Bus]


A Toronto Transit Corporation (TTC) bus, part of Toronto’s public transport network. The bus kindly waited a moment for me to take the picture. This is the 32 Eglinton West bus [more...]

[picture: Clergy Parking]

Clergy Parking

Clergy Parking: All vehicles will be Tagged and/or Towed at owners expense by Law [more...]

[picture: Parking Machine]

Parking Machine

The modern sort, replacing parking meters, that takes credit cards and issues a printed ticket, shown on Eglinton West in Toronto.

[picture: Parking Machine 2]

Parking Machine 2

A closer view

[picture: Municipal Parking Sign]

Municipal Parking Sign

Close-up of a detail of the parking machine.

[picture: Do Not Block Intersection]

Do Not Block Intersection

A telegraph pole on Eglinton Reoad West in Toronto that has more signs than any right-minding pole ought, in my view. The largest says “Do not block intersection” but there is also No parking (Snow Route), No standing, No stopping (7am – 9am, 4pm – 6pm mon – fri), Vehicles subject to towing, and a label [...] [more...]

[picture: Do Not Block Intersection 2]

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