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Back In Toronto, May 2006 (tornonto2) (page 5/5)

[picture: Fire Hydrant]

Fire Hydrant

A fire hydrant on the verge beside the street.

[picture: Fire Hydrant 2]

Fire Hydrant 2

Another view

[picture: No Parking]

No Parking

A no parking sign and a parking-only-with-permit for 1H 8am – 6pm mon – sat.

[picture: No Parking Not Even Slightly]

No Parking Not Even Slightly

Another in a series of Toronto’s street parking signs. This one has No Parking At All to the left, parking for one hour with a permit 8am – 6pm mon – sat to the right, and parking by [...] [more...]

[picture: Daffodil]


A close-up of a yellow daffodil flower.

[picture: Daffodil 2]

Daffodil 2

A close-up of a yellow daffodil flower, with a window in the background in soft focus.

[picture: Daffodil 3]

Daffodil 3

A macro shot (a close-up) of a yellow and white daffodil flower

[picture: Daffodil 4]

Daffodil 4

A yellow-and-white daffodile flower.

[picture: Dandelion]


An over-saturated bright yellow dandelion flower against a green background of (you guessed it) dandelion leaves.

[picture: New Growth]

New Growth

Looking through branches to make a texture.

[picture: Stand Out]

Stand Out

A billboard advertising a high-end tailor’s; only in Toronto.

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