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Some Pictures of Books (page 2/4)

[picture: Youth and Innocence]

Youth and Innocence

The Golden Cockerel Press Greek Anthology open at “The Cricket’s Grave.”

[picture: Youth and Innocence 2]
[picture: Pile of Old Books]

Pile of Old Books

Foud old leather-bound books laying on black fur. Maybe they like the warmth. They are a four-volume French-English dictionary by Chambaud.

[picture: Chambaud's Dictionary]

Chambaud’s Dictionary

Close-up of the spines of three volumes of Chambaud’s Dictionary. Old leather-bound dusty antiquarian books.

[picture: More antique books]

More antique books

The tops of two old leather books (an eighteenth-century Latin dictionary, I think) taken close to the spine.

[picture: Latin Dictionary]

Latin Dictionary

A leather-bound book open to display the pages.

[picture: Latin Dictionary 2]

Latin Dictionary 2

The same Latin dictionary at a different perspective.

[picture: Latin Dictionary 3]

Latin Dictionary 3

Macro (close-up) shot of the corner of the book, showing the texture formed by the layers of pages and by the hand-made paper.

[picture: Latin Dictionary 4]

Latin Dictionary 4

A close-up (macro) shot of text at the foot of the page.

[picture: Latin Dictionary 5]

Latin Dictionary 5

Showing the outside of the book.

[picture: Latin Dictionary 6]

Latin Dictionary 6

Showing the front cover.

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