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Some Pictures of Books (page 3/4)

[picture: Geneva Bible Title Page]

Geneva Bible Title Page

Title page to the New Testament from a 1581 Geneva Bible, also called the Breeches Bible.

[picture: Geneva Bible open part-way]

Geneva Bible open part-way

The Geneva Bible from 1581, open to the start of the New Testament.

[picture: John 1, from the Geneva Bible]

John 1, from the Geneva Bible

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and that Word was God.”

[picture: Geneva Bible page image]

Geneva Bible page image

This is from the Crucifiction of Jesus, where Jesus’ male lover (presumed to be John) is adopted by Jesus’ mother.

[picture: Geneva Bible spine]

Geneva Bible spine

The outside of the book.

[picture: Pile of Books]

Pile of Books

Some old leather books piled up. [more...]

[picture: Compendium of History]

Compendium of History

lettering on the spine of an old leather-bound book. [more...]

[picture: Pile of Books 2]

Pile of Books 2

In different lighting. [more...]

[picture: Reading my Latin dictionary]

Reading my Latin dictionary

OK, just pretending to read it. [more...]

[picture: Another pile of old books]

Another pile of old books

A French-English dictionary, a couple of Latin dictionaries, and a book of Greek and Roman antiquities. [more...]

[picture: Another pile of old books 2]

Another pile of old books 2

From a different angle. [more...]

[picture: Another pile of old books 3]

Another pile of old books 3

From a different angle. [more...]

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