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Last Week of May, 2004 (page 10/10)

[picture: White Marble Pestle and Mortar 5]
[picture: Fairies sheet music]

Fairies sheet music

Faries by William Allingham, music by Theo. T. barker. This is sheet music from the 1890s.

[picture: Music close-up]

Music close-up

Macro shot of a stave and words Of yellow tide-foam, taken from Fairies by William Allingham, c. 1890.

[picture: Music close-up 2]

Music close-up 2

Another close-up, this time of some chords.

[picture: Music close-up 3]

Music close-up 3

Showing the tempo marking Adagio and the words she was dead with sorrow along with the musical stave and notes.

[picture: Music close-up 4]

Music close-up 4

Longer focal length for use as a texture. The three staves are one for the singer and two for the pianist.

[picture: Music close-up 5]

Music close-up 5

lightly back between the night...

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