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Last Week of May, 2004 (page 2/10)

[picture: Lives of the Berkeleys open to the title page]

Lives of the Berkeleys open to the title page

An old book from 1883 open to the title page.

[picture: Abandoned sock]

Abandoned sock

A black sock that someone had abandoned on the street. Someone should start a rescue service for lost socks.

[picture: New York street]

New York street

Broadway I think.

[picture: Karl Dubost]

Karl Dubost

Karl works for the W3C.

[picture: Handwriting on a napkin]

Handwriting on a napkin

Someone’s handwriting on a paper serviette or napkin.

[picture: Green Tea Ice Cream]

Green Tea Ice Cream

A plate with two scoops of green tea ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

[picture: Octagonal Table]

Octagonal Table

An octagonal table from Indionesia (I think, or India).

[picture: Octagonal Table 2]

Octagonal Table 2

Different lighting.

[picture: Octagonal Table 3]

Octagonal Table 3

Showing the whole table.

[picture: Octagonal Table 4]

Octagonal Table 4

The whole table, different lighting.

[picture: Octagonal Table 5]

Octagonal Table 5

Close-up showing a detail of the carving.

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