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Last Week of May, 2004 (page 4/10)

[picture: Carved incense jar]

Carved incense jar

A carved stone incense jar, containing amber I think.

[picture: Antique watch keys]

Antique watch keys

These keys were used for winding old-fashioned pocket watches.

[picture: Wax in stone]

Wax in stone

A wax candle made to look like stone.

[picture: Carved Elephants]

Carved Elephants

Carved stone elephants that I bought in Mumai (formerly called Bombay, in India) at a government-run emporium designed to allow people from rural villages to sell items to tourists. They cost 40 Rupees each, which was about one Canadian dollar. There is a smaller elephant inside each of them; I bought these to give one to each of my siblings and mother [...] [more...]

[picture: Carved Elephants 2]

Carved Elephants 2

Showing the baby elephant inside.

[picture: Carved Elephants 3]

Carved Elephants 3

A different focal length.

[picture: Manuscript Leaf]

Manuscript Leaf

A single page from a commentary dating from the 1290s in France.

[picture: Manuscript Leaf 2]

Manuscript Leaf 2

A close-up showing the initial “P” from this 1290s manuscript.

[picture: Manuscript Leaf 3]

Manuscript Leaf 3

An angled shot for use as a texture.

[picture: Manuscript Leaf 4]

Manuscript Leaf 4

Close-up (macro mode) shot of mediƦval calligraphy (US: medieval, or mediaeval, calligraphy).

[picture: Manuscript Leaf 5]

Manuscript Leaf 5

Another close-up of the 13th century hand lettering.

[picture: Moonkitty in her basket]

Moonkitty in her basket

Moon was an Egyptian Mau; she died later in 2004, unfortunately.

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