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Last Week of May, 2004 (page 5/10)

[picture: Curved laptop keyboard]

Curved laptop keyboard

My partner’s laptop keyboard; it is an Acer Travelmate, with a curved keyboard that is really much nicer to use than that of my newer (1996) Dell thing. [more...]

[picture: Moonkitty's Head]

Moonkitty’s Head

Moon’s head, a close-up shot.

[picture: Cosmos Looking at the Camera]

Cosmos Looking at the Camera

Hard to tell with poor lighting but I think this is Cosmos (silver Egyptian Mau) rather than Moonkitty (bronze Egyptian Mau).

[picture: Moonkitty asleep]

Moonkitty asleep

Her head is buried in her tail.

[picture: Abandoned cannibis packet]

Abandoned cannibis packet

A plastic bag with an obvious logo printed on it. The bag was maybe a 5cm (a couple of inches) across.

[picture: Abandoned cannibis packet 2]

Abandoned cannibis packet 2

Showing more of the surrounding pavement (US: sidewalk)

[picture: Carved Stone Medusa]

Carved Stone Medusa

A stone head on the wall of a restaurant in Toronto

[picture: Carved Stone Medusa 2]

Carved Stone Medusa 2

The stone head face-on; like all medusas she has snakes for her hair.

[picture: Cosmos looking up]

Cosmos looking up

Cosmos the Egyptian Mau (a breed of cat) looking up and smiling.

[picture: Cosmos looking up 2]

Cosmos looking up 2

Cosmos looking up, from a different angle.

[picture: Cosmos looking up 3]

Cosmos looking up 3

She moved her head and is slightly blurred, but maybet the effect adds dynamism? You can also see the camera reflected in her eyes.

[picture: Cosmos looking up 4]

Cosmos looking up 4

Slightly sharper shot.

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