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Last Week of May, 2004 (page 7/10)

[picture: Fruit and bread: Fridge shelf]

Fruit and bread: Fridge shelf

A couple of bowls of fruit, some pita bread in a bag, some sauce bottles – oh look, it’s the inside of a fridge!

[picture: Fridge shelf 2]

Fridge shelf 2


[picture: Open Fridge]

Open Fridge

Looking into an open fridge.

[picture: Pigeon]


A pigeon on a railing near a cut-out happy face.

[picture: Dangling pendant]

Dangling pendant

It’s the pull chain for a ceiling fan.

[picture: Peach]


Close-up of a peach.

[picture: Peach 2]

Peach 2

Another angle.

[picture: Lives of the Berkeleys 214/215]

Lives of the Berkeleys 214/215

Pages 214 and 215 of this 1883 edition of a 16th century text.

[picture: Lives of the Berkeleys 214/215 2]

Lives of the Berkeleys 214/215 2

Slightly different lighting or camera settings.

[picture: Lives of the Berkeleys, Inside cover]

Lives of the Berkeleys, Inside cover

Someone asked me for these pictures. Honest.

[picture: Lives of the Berkeleys 28ff]

Lives of the Berkeleys 28ff

Open to transcription of pages 28 and onwards.

[picture: Lives of the Berkeleys 46/47]

Lives of the Berkeleys 46/47

Open to pages 46 and 47, a page with more typographic variation, for someone who wanted photographs of an open book.

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