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May 2004: Some miscellaneous pictures (page 5/9)

[picture: Cosmos prepares to leap]

Cosmos prepares to leap

She is moving, ready to leap up the stairs.

[picture: Cosmos' bottom]

Cosmos’ bottom

No, I don’t know why I photographed this. It’s not very clean either. A feline anus.

[picture: Cosmos' paws]

Cosmos’ paws

Close-up of cat’s paws.

[picture: Cosmos in profile]

Cosmos in profile

A cat with a hint of a smile.

[picture: Motion blur subway (underground railway) station]

Motion blur subway (underground railway) station

Takem from a moving train perhaps.

[picture: The train arrives]

The train arrives

A train pulls into the station, probably at Eglinton West or Spadina, Toronto’s TTC, Ride the Rocket. If you decide to use this as a background setting and put people on [...] [more...]

[picture: About to board the train]

About to board the train

The subway (underground railway) train has stopped at Toronto’s Eglinton West (or Spadina?) station.

[picture: Internet Access, Computers and Hot Dogs]

Internet Access, Computers and Hot Dogs

A stand on Bloor Street in Toronto, near Spadina, selling sandwiches and computers.

[picture: My brother]

My brother

My brother Laurie looking pleased with himself. We were in a totally pretentious restaurant in Toronto that specialises in food for people with unusual dietary needs, which he [...] [more...]

[picture: My brother, with adjustments]

My brother, with adjustments

This seems to be a colour-corrected version.

[picture: Yellow milk shake]

Yellow milk shake

Probably mango. Next to a cactus in the same restaurant.

[picture: Old Bible]

Old Bible

An old Bible (actually not as old as it looks; I think a little over 100 years old, but it reprints Tyndale’s translation) with hinges or clasps on the binding. [more...]

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