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May 2004: Some miscellaneous pictures (page 6/9)

[picture: Old Bible 2]

Old Bible 2

From a slightly different angle.

[picture: Old Bible 3, Top View]
[picture: Abstract blur]

Abstract blur

The box in the background has the SoftQuad logo on it, although that company is long defunct.

[picture: Old Bible 4, open at a woodcut]

Old Bible 4, open at a woodcut

A double-page spread from the old bible, showing the decorated page border, the black-letter type, and a full page woodcut.

[picture: Old Bible 5]

Old Bible 5

The antique book is open at an illustrated page; taken this time from a different angle.

[picture: Old Bible 6: Front Cover]
[picture: Old Bible 7: Closeup of clasp]

Old Bible 7: Closeup of clasp

Clasps like this were once used to keep books closed, possibly because the Vellum binding would tend to warp over time and pull the book open if it were not fastened closed. Or maybe Terry Pratchett [...] [more...]

[picture: Wooden carved flower]

Wooden carved flower

A decoration from an octagonal table.

[picture: Black Nylon Fur]

Black Nylon Fur

A texture.

[picture: Window Blinds]

Window Blinds

Raffeta (Raffia? Bamboo?) window blinds keeping out the light.

[picture: Cosmos' Head]

Cosmos’ Head

Cosmos the Egyptian Mau cat.

[picture: Moonkitty blurry]

Moonkitty blurry

Side view of her head.

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