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May 2004: Some miscellaneous pictures (page 7/9)

[picture: Apple Blossom]

Apple Blossom

An apple tree in full blossom. This was before the next-door neighbour had killed it.

[picture: Apple Blossom 2]

Apple Blossom 2

Witha glimpse of garden fence behind it.

[picture: Apple Tree Branch]

Apple Tree Branch

The apple tree has blossom. I love the colours on this shot.

[picture: Apple Tree Branch 2]

Apple Tree Branch 2

Another one of an apple tree in full blossom, with restful colours.

[picture: Apple Blossom Closeup]

Apple Blossom Closeup

A close-up shot of the flower of the apple tree.

[picture: Apple Blossom Closeup 2]

Apple Blossom Closeup 2

A close-up shot of the flower of the apple tree.

[picture: Dandelion Seed]

Dandelion Seed

Closeup of a dandelion

[picture: Dandelion Seed 2]

Dandelion Seed 2

Closeup of a dandelion

[picture: Clover in the Lawn]

Clover in the Lawn

Or maybe there was some lawn amidst the clover? All very green.

[picture: Crucifix]


A Crucifix depicts Jesus bleeding to death on the cross; a cross is without the naked man on it. Like most crucifixes, Jesus here has a loin-cloth, although in the Gospels the soldiers drew lots for his underpants and he was crucified naked. [more...]

[picture: Crucifix 2]

Crucifix 2

From a different angle.

[picture: Crucifix 3]

Crucifix 3

From a different angle.

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