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May 2004: Some miscellaneous pictures (page 8/9)

[picture: SoftQuad sqtroff product box]

SoftQuad sqtroff product box

This box was used to ship magnetic half-inch (round) tapes containing SoftQuad’s sqtroff product, a mid to high end text formatting program originally based on the original Unx troff program by Joe Osanna and, later, Brian Kernighan. The boxes were designed so that if you made a stack of them you saw the SoftQuad logo; they were very distinctive. [more...]

[picture: SoftQuad sqtroff product box 2]

SoftQuad sqtroff product box 2

From a different angle.

[picture: Crucifix 4]

Crucifix 4

With a light background.

[picture: Crucifix 5]

Crucifix 5

If you haven’t seen too many crosses already... this one has a light gray background.

[picture: Winged Cherub Boy]

Winged Cherub Boy

A wooden carved boy, bare-chested and bare-footed, with wings.

[picture: Winged Cherub Boy 2]

Winged Cherub Boy 2

With different lighting.

[picture: Winged Cherub Boy 3]

Winged Cherub Boy 3

With strong sunlight.

[picture: Winged Cherub Boy 4]

Winged Cherub Boy 4

From a different angle.

[picture: Winged Cherub Boy 5]

Winged Cherub Boy 5

From another angle.

[picture: Winged Cherub Boy 6]

Winged Cherub Boy 6

With a white background (actually dark grey because of the lighting).

[picture: Decorative Sun Ornament]

Decorative Sun Ornament

A Christmas Ornament that you can keep up all year round; a golden Sun with rays bursting out all round, and a face in the middle.

[picture: Decorative Sun Ornament 2]

Decorative Sun Ornament 2

The ornament with different lighting.

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