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May 2004: Some miscellaneous pictures (page 9/9)

[picture: Tea lights]

Tea lights

Bought at Ikea. Three tea candles.

[picture: Tea lights 2]

Tea lights 2

With different lighting.

[picture: Tea Candle]

Tea Candle

A closeup of a single tea candle.

[picture: Tea Candle 2]

Tea Candle 2

Another close-up.

[picture: Tea Candle 3]

Tea Candle 3

Yet another close-up.

[picture: Tea Candle 4]

Tea Candle 4

Some day I may go through these and weed out the best ones.

[picture: Tea Candle 5]

Tea Candle 5

With the flame on the right and the wick visible.

[picture: Two Tea lights]

Two Tea lights

Two little candles.

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