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A Trip to New York (page 2/10)

[picture: view through the clouds]

view through the clouds

Taken from the window of a ’plane. New York or more likely New Jersey.

[picture: Octagonal Table]

Octagonal Table

This octagonal table shows up everywhere.

[picture: Toronto from Above]

Toronto from Above

Or some town near Toronto, Vaughn maybe.

[picture: Southern Ontario From Above]

Southern Ontario From Above

A built-up area on the way from Toronto to New York City.

[picture: Coast from the Air]

Coast from the Air

Coastal picture with part of the ’plane visible.

[picture: Lake Ontario From Above]

Lake Ontario From Above

I’m not certain where this is, actually—sorry.

[picture: Clouds through the porthole]

Clouds through the porthole

Through the window in the ’plane.

[picture: Wing and Clouds]

Wing and Clouds

Bits of the aeroplane (US: airplane)

[picture: Clouds, blue sky, wing]

Clouds, blue sky, wing

Again taken from the aeroplane window.

[picture: Clouds, blue sky, shadows, wing]

Clouds, blue sky, shadows, wing

Another view looking out of the window.

[picture: Clouds in Shadow]

Clouds in Shadow

A shadow cast by higher clouds onto lower clouds.

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