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A Trip to New York (page 6/10)

[picture: Looking Down on Manhattan 7]

Looking Down on Manhattan 7

Downtown New York City from a high building.

[picture: Looking Down on Manhattan 8]

Looking Down on Manhattan 8

Downtown New York City from a high building.

[picture: Circular Mirror]

Circular Mirror

A mirror on the wall at the Club, reflecting the room.

[picture: Chandelier]


A light fixture in the push Club where we had a reception.

[picture: Shiny Metal Plaque]

Shiny Metal Plaque

A piece of art but I no longer have the details.

[picture: Tall Buildings Go Up]

Tall Buildings Go Up

The front of the Sheraton Hotel in New York.

[picture: New York Office Tower]

New York Office Tower

Or it might be part of the Sheraton Hotel, I’m not sure.

[picture: Skyscrapers]


More tall buildings from downtown New York City.

[picture: New York Street Scene]

New York Street Scene

Nothing special, for a New Yorker.

[picture: So Gay.  Damn Straight.]

So Gay. Damn Straight.

A large ad for Queer as Folk in (or near) Time Square, New York.

[picture: Broadway, New York]

Broadway, New York

A busy city street at night.

[picture: Time Square, New York]

Time Square, New York

Looking up at a building with a brightly lit dome on top and a huge advert up the side.

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