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May 2004, Prince Edward County and Toronto (page 2/7)

[picture: Downtown Toronto]

Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto showing the grid-iron building (flat-iron building) and the CN Tower. Taken from Jarvis near the St Lawrence Market

[picture: Sunset on Lauder Avenue]

Sunset on Lauder Avenue

Shortly before we moved out. With lots of telegraph wires.

[picture: Evening on Lauder Avenue]

Evening on Lauder Avenue

Home sweet home.

[picture: Sunset on Lauder Ave 2]

Sunset on Lauder Ave 2

Maybe the telephone wires make the composition?

[picture: Sunset on Lauder Avenue 3]

Sunset on Lauder Avenue 3

Another one. Same evening.

[picture: Sunset on Lauder Avenue 4]

Sunset on Lauder Avenue 4

Serching for a composition.

[picture: Decorative gargoyle]

Decorative gargoyle

A carved wooden object my mother (Mary) gave to me. A mediƦval serpent (US: medieval snake) eating its own tail.

[picture: Decorative gargoyle 2]

Decorative gargoyle 2

Another carved wooden object my mother (Mary) gave to me. A squirrel sits on a leaf and eats a nut.

[picture: Portaloo]


A mobile toilet. Or maybe the Doctor’s Tardis? The front of the Jeep is visible in the foreground.

[picture: Farm Wagon]

Farm Wagon

I’m not sure who the people are, but it was at a parade..

[picture: Fireplace]


Inside the house.

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