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May 2004, Prince Edward County and Toronto (page 3/7)

[picture: Micro-study.]


Not so much a study in which to use a microcomputer as a very small study.

[picture: Basement with fan]

Basement with fan

Most houses in North America have cellars.

[picture: Stove]


This part of the house had a wood or coal-burning stove to heat it. Wood-smoke is extremely unhealthy, so this was quite a negative point for us actually, but it looked nice. [more...]

[picture: Bedroom]


Light streaming in. A double bed that only just fit.

[picture: Green Bedroom]

Green Bedroom

Amother bedroom, which at least had character.

[picture: Looking through a door.]

Looking through a door.

Lots of light in this house.

[picture: Yellow wall, white radiator.]

Yellow wall, white radiator.

Radiators with hot water heat are excellent for the health.

[picture: Behind the house]

Behind the house

Actually I’m not sure all these are the same house.

[picture: Approaching With Intent]

Approaching With Intent

This house had a fabulous view, but it was very remote, 45 minutes by car to the nearest payphone, further to the nearest store. It had neighbours and a very small lot, too, so we’d be remote but not isolated. [more...]

[picture: Looking up at the house]

Looking up at the house

I’m not sure it was a very inspiring house, but it did have that view. It’d be cold in winter!

[picture: A blue kitchen]

A blue kitchen

Nothing special but certainly not bad.

[picture: Dining room]

Dining room

With that view out of the right-hand window.

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