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May 2004, Prince Edward County and Toronto (page 5/7)

[picture: Another gravestone]

Another gravestone

Andrew Minaker, died Sept. 23, 1869

[picture: Gravestones]


Tombs marked by gravestones in this rural Canadian cemetary (graveyard).

[picture: Orange flower]

Orange flower

In focus, too.

[picture: Gravestones under the tree]

Gravestones under the tree

Gravestones in a rural Ontario graveyard.

[picture: Hallway House]

Hallway House

Looking down the hallway of a house we were considering buying.

[picture: basement with furnace]

basement with furnace

North American houses have enormous forced air heating ducts, also used for air conditioning.

[picture: Living Room Window]

Living Room Window

An interestingly shaped window in this sitting room.

[picture: Gingerbread on the stairs]

Gingerbread on the stairs

It added character.

[picture: Rounded windows with rocking chair]

Rounded windows with rocking chair

At the top of the stairs.

[picture: Blue bedroom]

Blue bedroom

With en suite bathroom.

[picture: Flowers off the Porch]

Flowers off the Porch

A ftont deck or porch with flowers, trees and grass.

[picture: In the Barn]

In the Barn

The inside of a barn. Hmm, I need to rotate this, sorry.

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