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Snapshots from a Trip to Norway (page 11/13)

[picture: oops]


I should delete this one. A statue’s bare foot and a truck.

[picture: Water seen from statue]

Water seen from statue

It needs a sailing ship in the water.

[picture: statue of urinating boy]

statue of urinating boy

Every city needs a statue of a boy pissing into a fountain. This one is fairly small, and is barefoot, wearing only a tunic. A bird is, er, drinking his pee. [more...]

[picture: statue of urinating boy 2]

statue of urinating boy 2

With an ugly shop window in the background.

[picture: statue of urinating boy 3]

statue of urinating boy 3

From behind, with the Clarion Hotel and a place called Cita in the background.

[picture: statue of urinating boy 4]

statue of urinating boy 4

Fooled you! Actually when we get close we see that in fact he is holding a jar of water that he is emptying. We also see that birds have emptied themselves onto the boy. [more...]

[picture: Naked woman statue]

Naked woman statue

A statue of a naked woman. The plaque says “Barbarkvinden. Magnus Vigrestad Giorde Bette Verket at 1914
1 1951 gav kreditbanken for sorlandet det til kj8pstaden Kristiansand.
” although I am not sure about the kj8pstaden word. [more...]

[picture: White grand piano with candelabra and large potted plant]
[picture: White grand piano with candelabra and large potted plant 2]
[picture: www.dansukker.com]


The sugar cubes had a URL on them.

[picture: Trees by a fence]

Trees by a fence

This picture scheduled to be deleted.

[picture: Ferry 3]

Ferry 3

A ferry glimpsed through trees.

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