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Snapshots from a Trip to Norway (page 2/13)

[picture: Surprising Toilets]

Surprising Toilets

I was in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on the way to Norway and I saw this in the toilet. The text says: [more...]

[picture: Surprising toilets Being Cleaned]

Surprising toilets Being Cleaned

I am pretty sure that even after Japan and India I don’t want the word surprising next to toilets.

[picture: Surprising Toilets 2]

Surprising Toilets 2

A view of the toilets marked as Surprising, with a poster above a urinal.

[picture: Railway in Norway]

Railway in Norway

A train in the station with flowers in the foreground. [more...]

[picture: Lantern]


A lamppost with interesting lamps at the top.

[picture: Train at the platform]

Train at the platform

A dull red train is at the station. A few people sit on benches or on the floor on the platform.

[picture: Lasterampe Parkering Forbudt]

Lasterampe Parkering Forbudt

A blue No Parking sign in Norwegian.

[picture: Circuit board]

Circuit board

One of the people staying in the same house had built an electronic gadget whose purpose eludes me two years later. I think it may have been sxpert. [more...]

[picture: sxpert]


Standing outside the house where we stayed.

[picture: Bird Showing Respect]

Bird Showing Respect

A seagull standing on a statue in a park in Kristiansand.

[picture: Bird on Statue]

Bird on Statue

Another brd on another statue in the same park. Or it might be the same bird. Trees in blossom.

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