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Snapshots from a Trip to Norway (page 3/13)

[picture: Lanterns]


Another lamppost with black metal and glass.

[picture: Old Houses]

Old Houses

In the oldest part of Kristiansand, I think.

[picture: Resident posing for the tourists]

Resident posing for the tourists

He wanted to be photographed in this doorway of an historic building in which he lives.

[picture: Blue Door No. 117]

Blue Door No. 117

A blue double doorway. An antique door.

Note the raised o (ยบ) to indicate Numero, same as in Italy, France, and often the UK.

[picture: Flowers]


Our guide claimed that the Holyhock was rare, but it looks the same everywhere to me.

[picture: Another house, 108]

Another house, 108

With a diamond-shaped window and painted yellow.

[picture: Green Door]

Green Door

Not Green Day, no, Green Door. With stone steps and a tree.

[picture: Larger building]

Larger building

Looks almost Dutch, but it’s in Norway.

[picture: Gjelder ikki varetransport]

Gjelder ikki varetransport

No, it doesn’t mean someone’s balls are about to be removed. It means motorcycles must not jump over cars.

[picture: Communications tower]

Communications tower

Blends in well, doesn’t it?

[picture: Pine berries]

Pine berries

Green organic spheroids dangling from arboreal outgrowths.

[picture: Pine berries 2]

Pine berries 2

Or is that a triffid?

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