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Snapshots from a Trip to Norway (page 4/13)

[picture: Grey stone wall]

Grey stone wall

A gray stone wall with grass on top, for use as a stock photo or a texture. The wall is part of an old castle wall. They built things to last, then. [more...]

[picture: Brown stone wall]

Brown stone wall

A stone wall, part of a castle tower; it is curved, but might still be useful as a texture. Or a screen background?

[picture: Window in castle wall]

Window in castle wall

An arched window in a stone wall. When the castle was active this window would presumably not have been there, or would have been just a slit, and the treee would not have beeen allowed to grow so close to the wall. [...] [more...]

[picture: Cannon 1]

Cannon 1

A cannon facing out over a castle wall to defend the bay.

[picture: Cannon 2]

Cannon 2

You can see the other side of the bay in the distance in this shot of a mediæval [US: medieval] weapon defending a castle.

[picture: Cannon 3]

Cannon 3

A close-up of the muzzle, with another in the background.

[picture: Cannon 4]

Cannon 4

Looking down the barrel. The cannon is inscribed “Nº 45”.

[picture: Stone fountain]

Stone fountain

An unusual fountain in Kristiansand, an understated sculpture.

[picture: Another stone fountain]

Another stone fountain

This one has carving reminiscent of old Norse designs. There are boats in the background.

[picture: Wood grain]

Wood grain

A closeup of a water-worn log on a beach in Kristiansand.

[picture: Giant vase]

Giant vase

Another outdoor sculpture. This one appears to be a giant ceramic vase, and must have been a challenge to fire!

[picture: Sculpture: boy riding bear]

Sculpture: boy riding bear

A status of a naked boy riding a bear. The boy has one arm raised and is gazing upwards, smiling.

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