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Snapshots from a Trip to Norway (page 7/13)

[picture: Kinder Egg Wall]

Kinder Egg Wall

The Guadec conference was held in a university, and had a wall with kinder egg toys in the crevices. Since Kinder Eggs are available in almost every country in the entire world except the USA, I’ll mention for visiting Americans that they are chocolate eggs with a toy inside that often requires some assembly [...] [more...]

[picture: K-line]


A night-time photograph of a trick with Kline painted on its side; a kline is a sort of ban in Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

[picture: Docpi]


I don’t know why I took this.

[picture: Interoptic]


My job is to do with interoperability, so I liked this sign.

[picture: Great Garlic Girls]

Great Garlic Girls

Advert for a nightclub.

[picture: The poshest McDonald's?]

The poshest McDonald’s?

A fast food outlet in the classical style, in an 1897 building.

[picture: Kolon musikkteater]

Kolon musikkteater

I don’t think people in an English-speaking country would name a restaurant or bar Colon.

[picture: Buffers at the end of the siding]

Buffers at the end of the siding

Buffers to stop the train at the end of the railway line [US: railroad stop?].

[picture: Ferry]


A ferry.

[picture: Ferry 2]

Ferry 2

A ferry. Again.

[picture: American Monkey]

American Monkey

A monkey tries to read the Bill of Rights.

[picture: Grand staircase]

Grand staircase

A staircase up to an arched or rounded window, with frescoes on the walls and a chandelier. This was in the hotel.

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