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Snapshots from a Trip to Norway (page 9/13)

[picture: Blank sign board in a park]

Blank sign board in a park

I took this one for use as stock.

[picture: Old building]

Old building

An old building with an arched doorway and trees. It’s not as old as it looks: over the door a date of 1913 is inscribed.

[picture: Carved wooden doorway]

Carved wooden doorway

A double door with ornate carving.

[picture: Carved wooden doorway 2]

Carved wooden doorway 2

A double door with ornate carving.

[picture: Brikker Ferdig Brodert 30%]

Brikker Ferdig Brodert 30%

I don’t know why I photographed this sandwich board.

[picture: Mövenpick]


A Swiss restaurant chain that tends to have interesting places to eat, although I stopped taking visitors to Toronto to the Marché because it tended to overwhelm them wit its size! [more...]

[picture: Creeper-covered wall]

Creeper-covered wall

A wall with Virginia Creeper (I think) on it (stock photo)

[picture: Church door]

Church door

A carved (probably oak) door to a church (Kirk) in Norway, with creeper leaves covering the wall making it look overgrown, and a pointed arch over the door reflecting buildings behind. [more...]

[picture: Door handle]

Door handle

The handle on the church door.

[picture: Carved door]

Carved door

It’s actually hard to carve a door and leave little diamonds behind, especially with hand tools. These might be pegs holding the door together, though. [more...]

[picture: Antique strap hinges]

Antique strap hinges

Ornate hinges on a church door in Norway.

[picture: Market]


Fruit and vegetables sold in the open under awnings, a market.

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