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Prince Edward County, July 2004 (page 6/6)

[picture: Small Rock With Longitudinal Lines]

Small Rock With Longitudinal Lines

A small pebble that’s probably a fossilised shell.

[picture: Small Rock With Longitudinal Lines 2]

Small Rock With Longitudinal Lines 2

With an even shorter focal length.

[picture: Bitten Knee]

Bitten Knee

Just thought I’d share my knee with you.

[picture: Beach with bird, shoes and sock]

Beach with bird, shoes and sock

I don’t know whose shoes they were.

[picture: Point Petre Tree 6]

Point Petre Tree 6

Later in the day with more contrast.

[picture: Bird flying over water]

Bird flying over water

A seagull over the lake.

[picture: Bird on the beach]
[picture: Bird on the beach 2]

Bird on the beach 2

I need a camera with more zoominess.

[picture: Water]


The invisible helicopters are flying past.

[picture: Bird on the beach 3]

Bird on the beach 3

Seagull. Pebbles. Trees. Gentle waves.

[picture: Bird on the beach 4]

Bird on the beach 4

It got closer.

[picture: Point Petre Tree 7]

Point Petre Tree 7

With some sunset starting.

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