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Snapshots from Toronto, July 2006 (page 3/7)

[picture: Church Door 2]

Church Door 2

A closer view.

[picture: Bug]


A small insect on the floor.

[picture: Bug 2]

Bug 2

I put it on a sheet of paper and zoomed in with macro mode on the camera.

[picture: Bug 3]

Bug 3

Better focus.

[picture: Bug 4]

Bug 4

From above.

[picture: Bug 5]

Bug 5

Closer view. Pink paper

[picture: Bug 6]

Bug 6

Closer view. Pink paper

[picture: Bug 7]

Bug 7

Side view as it walks

[picture: Bug 8]

Bug 8

Purple paper. I think it might have lost some legs.

[picture: Bug 9]

Bug 9

Purple paper. Its legs reappeared.

[picture: Bug 10]

Bug 10

Walking with all its legs.

[picture: Bug 11]

Bug 11

From above.

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