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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 10/22)

[picture: Ostrich head]

Ostrich head

The head and neck of an ostrich, on an ostrich farm at Long Point in Prince Edward County. You can buy organic ostrich meat there.

[picture: Ostrich head 2]

Ostrich head 2

with neck and body.

[picture: Ostrich head 3]

Ostrich head 3

a closer view.

[picture: Ostrich farm]

Ostrich farm

Lots of them.

[picture: Ostrich farm 2]

Ostrich farm 2

Yes, I stayed behind the fence. Ostriches are nasty.

[picture: Ostrich Feeding Time]

Ostrich Feeding Time

An ostrich bends down to eat. Close-up of head and neck through a fence.

[picture: Ostrich]


A sort of big bird.

[picture: Two ostriches]

Two ostriches

They are necking.

[picture: Ostrich head-on]

Ostrich head-on

The side of its head.

[picture: Ostrich 2]

Ostrich 2

Nearer to the head, and sharper image.

[picture: Ostrich 3]

Ostrich 3

Another view

[picture: Tractor]


With big muddy wheels. Rear view.

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