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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 14/22)

[picture: Victorian Square Grand Piano 2]
[picture: Chancel 2]

Chancel 2

As seen from the balcony.

[picture: Apothecary's chest]

Apothecary’s chest

A filing cabinet or medicine cabinet for a chemist, perhaps.

[picture: Old clock]

Old clock

A 19th century clock.

[picture: Beautiful tree]

Beautiful tree

An ancient tree on a well-kept lawn.

[picture: Macaulay House]

Macaulay House

An old brick house in Picton, Ontario, now used as a museum. There are shutters for the windows, and flowers in the foreground. There is a colonial-style porch with columns. [more...]

[picture: Field mushrooms]

Field mushrooms

Poking up amongst blades of grass.

[picture: Barn door with turd]

Barn door with turd

A door into a barn, with a horse turd outside it.

[picture: 8: 1]

8: 1

A red LED alarm saying 8: 1, from which all the digits can be made.

[picture: LED 8]


With a nice red glow.

[picture: LED 12]

LED 12

slightly sharper.

[picture: Green LED 8]

Green LED 8

One digit from an alarm clock.

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