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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 15/22)

[picture: Wooden barn]

Wooden barn

An old wooden barn down at Duck’s Dive, near Long Point.

[picture: Wooden barn 2]

Wooden barn 2

An old wooden barn down at Duck’s Dive, near Long Point.

[picture: Horses]


Blurry horses in a field. Maybe useful as a setting if someone wants to insert something in the foreground.

[picture: Horse shit]

Horse shit

A close-up of horse dung.

[picture: Horse shit 2]

Horse shit 2

A close-up of horse turds.

[picture: Barn door]

Barn door

With a glimpse of the inside of the barn.

[picture: Inside the barn]

Inside the barn

A setting for something perhaps. Lots of light in this barn, and a bale of straw.

[picture: Inside the barn 2]

Inside the barn 2

With slightly different lighting.

[picture: Inside the barn 3]

Inside the barn 3

From a different angle. With a rope. Uh oh.

[picture: Inside the barn 4]

Inside the barn 4

OK, these are unsorted photos.

[picture: Through the window]

Through the window

Looking out of the barn window at trees and grass.

[picture: Mechanical digger]

Mechanical digger

A yellow tractor or bulldozer with a glass cab.

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