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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 16/22)

[picture: Trees]


lawn with trees. Lake ontario in the distance.

[picture: Inside the barn 5]

Inside the barn 5

Looking the other way. There’s even an old iron bedstead in the back.

[picture: Barn window]

Barn window

An old window (also possibly a door).

[picture: Barn window 2]

Barn window 2

This time you can see the trees and grass through the window.

[picture: Open door]

Open door

The barn door, an old glass door, open slightly, with a tree in view.

[picture: View from the barn roof]

View from the barn roof

I clumb up inside I dun.

[picture: View from the barn roof 2]

View from the barn roof 2

I clumb up inside I dun. Dat’s Lake Ontario over dere.

[picture: View from the barn roof 3]

View from the barn roof 3

Over the tops of trees.

[picture: Paddock fence]

Paddock fence

A wooden fence in a style traditional in Prince Edward County.

[picture: Paddock fence 2]

Paddock fence 2

With different camera settings. A better picture.

[picture: Through the window]

Through the window

Looking out through an upstairs (or up-ladder) barn window onto some trees and an old wooden fence.

[picture: Horse through the window]

Horse through the window

I looked out of this window and saw a horse grazing.

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