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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 17/22)

[picture: Grazing horse]

Grazing horse

A horse, a sort of animal, a beast of burden.

[picture: Horse head]

Horse head

A brownish horse looking out through a door.

[picture: Horse head 2]

Horse head 2

A brownish horse looking out through a stable door. Edited version.

[picture: Two horses]

Two horses

One horse going into the stable, another looking out.

[picture: Old skidoo]

Old skidoo

An old snowmobile or maybe a skidoo, rotting in a field.

[picture: Old skidoo 2]

Old skidoo 2

A closer view.

[picture: Old boat in a field]

Old boat in a field

An old boat abandoned in a field.

[picture: Old carts]

Old carts

Some old carts with cartwheels, abandoned in a field.

[picture: Old tractor wheel]

Old tractor wheel

An old metal tractor wheel in a field overgrown with weeds and wild flowers.

[picture: Old cart]

Old cart

An old cart, with a leaf spring and two cart-wheels.

[picture: Teazels in the woods]

Teazels in the woods

Some teazles or teazels or teasels in the woods by a tree.

[picture: Abandoned car]

Abandoned car

An old red pick-up truck overgrown with weeds.

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