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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 18/22)

[picture: Dungheap]


A heap of rotting manure.

[picture: Teazels]


Lots and lots of prickly plants.

[picture: Teazels against the evening sky]

Teazels against the evening sky

Prickly plants standing proud.

[picture: Old wood]

Old wood

The end of an old wooden log on a fence.

[picture: Muddy patch]

Muddy patch

A setting for a crime?

[picture: Muddy patch 2]

Muddy patch 2

From a different angle, with more of the lawn.

[picture: Footprints in the mud]

Footprints in the mud

A horse has been this way and left hoof-prints.

[picture: Footprints in the mud 2]

Footprints in the mud 2

A barefooted human left bare footprints. It was me.

[picture: Overgrown fence]

Overgrown fence

Actually railway sleepers (US: railroad ties) rotting in a field.

[picture: Overgrown fence 2]

Overgrown fence 2

The actual fence

[picture: Fence]


A fence between two fields, with trees on either side.

[picture: Fence 2]

Fence 2

For use as a stock photo.

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