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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 21/22)

[picture: Cart springs]

Cart springs

Old rusted cart springs, part of the suspension.

[picture: Cart footplate]

Cart footplate

To help you step up onto the cart.

[picture: Farm gate]

Farm gate

A gate in a hedge, between two fields, wuth a board on top that might once have held a sign.

[picture: Farm gate 2]

Farm gate 2

another view.

[picture: Old boat trailer]

Old boat trailer

For moving a boat.

[picture: Mechanical digger 2]

Mechanical digger 2

A yellow tractor or bulldozer with a glass cab. With a boat in the background.

[picture: Old boat trailer 2]

Old boat trailer 2

Another view.

[picture: Mechanical digger 3]

Mechanical digger 3

another view.

[picture: Old barn 2]

Old barn 2

From the other side.

[picture: Plaster texture]

Plaster texture

A plastered wall.

[picture: Plaster texture 2]

Plaster texture 2

With different camera settings.

[picture: Old wood texture]

Old wood texture

close-up of wood grain.

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