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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 22/22)

[picture: Old wood texture 2]

Old wood texture 2

The paint has worn off.

[picture: Stone wall]

Stone wall

A wall made of square pieces of stone or concrete.

[picture: Old wood texture 3]

Old wood texture 3

vertical cladding on the side of a building.

[picture: Shed]


A wooden cabin or shed.

[picture: Knotted rope texture]

Knotted rope texture

A mat made of knotted rope.

[picture: Old barn 3]

Old barn 3

From further away.

[picture: Old barn 4]

Old barn 4


[picture: Field]


Another field.

[picture: Creeper]


Creeper on a wall.

[picture: Creeper 2]

Creeper 2

Creeper on a wall.

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