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August 2004 in Prince Edward County (page 9/22)

[picture: Restaurant lamps 2]

Restaurant lamps 2

Two lights shining down against a pink wall. If you turned them the other way round they’d be shining upwards, of course.

[picture: Old Chest]

Old Chest

An old wooden chest or filing cabinet.

[picture: Grey]


A mistake I think.

[picture: Carpet texture]

Carpet texture

Orange-brown strands of a thick pile carpet.

[picture: Spider]


You know you like it really.

[picture: Black Dog]

Black Dog

Sonny (or Sunny>) the Hound. The head and snout of a black dog.

[picture: Black Dog 2]

Black Dog 2

Sonny (or Sunny>) the Hound. The head and snout of a black dog. With his eyes closed.

[picture: Bright candelabra]

Bright candelabra

A lamp in a restaurant. This one was in Main Street Bistro, but after a cancer and a fire the owners gave up and it closed.

[picture: Bright candelabra 2]

Bright candelabra 2

For anyone not from North America I should mention that the hige ugly metal tubes are ducts for heating and air conditioning.

[picture: Bright candelabra 3]

Bright candelabra 3

Different lighting. Still poor focus.

[picture: Coloured Drinks]

Coloured Drinks

The bar tender happened to line up some glasses of various drinks on the bar like this, for the waiter to serve.

[picture: Jeep]


Clyde’s Jeep, with mud and reflections. It’s for sale if you want it.

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