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Toronto: Unsorted photos from August 2004 (page 10/17)

[picture: Strip texture 2]

Strip texture 2

Texture formed from dull brown metal or ceramic strips with gaps between them forming a wall covering in a subway station in Toronto.

[picture: Blurred subway station platform]

Blurred subway station platform

Platform of the “TTC” underground railway (subway, railroad) in Toronto, with a long exposure.

[picture: Blurred subway station platform 2]

Blurred subway station platform 2

Another picture where I held the camera more nearly still.

[picture: Blurred subway station platform 3]

Blurred subway station platform 3

This one is in focus in places.

[picture: Blurred subway station platform 4]

Blurred subway station platform 4

The red signal light at the end of the platform. There’s also a train coming! St Andrew’s TTC subway station in Toronto.

[picture: Cherub statue]

Cherub statue

A bronze cherub holding a small harp sits with his feet dangling into a bowl that’s more likely a fountain than a toilet.

[picture: Round light]

Round light

A spherical light held onto a wall by a black metal bracket.

[picture: Ceramic art]

Ceramic art

I believe these long-necked vases were made by Alex Young.

[picture: Sexually Satisfied?]

Sexually Satisfied?

A poster seen in Toronto. [more...]

[picture: School House]

School House

This 1841 brick schoolhouse is shaded by old trees, and is on Trinity Street in Toronto; I used to live on the same street. It’s associated with Little Trinity Church, the back of [...] [more...]

[picture: School House 2]

School House 2

A slightly different angle.

[picture: School House 3]

School House 3

The front of the schoolhouse; the plaque above the arched doorway reads “School house erected by Enoch Turner, A.D. 1843.” although the plaque to the right of it says 1849. [more...]

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